What is wisdom without courage,
what is intelligence without vision,
what are good thoughts and good words without
good deeds, and what is wealth without generosity.
Rohinton F. Nariman

Senior Counsel, Supreme Court of India

Mr. R. F. Nariman was made a Senior Counsel in the year 1993 by the then Chief Justice of India, Hon'ble Mr. Justice Venkatachaliah. The Hon'ble Chief Justice amended the Supreme Court rules in order to make him a Senior Counsel at the young age of 37 years, against the mandatory 45 years of age. Mr. Nariman practiced Maritime law in New York at Haight Gardner Poor & Havens for 1 year, after his LL.M. from Harvard. He has been practicing law for the last 30 years and has more than 500 reported Supreme Court Judgments to his credit. He is an expert in Comparative Constitutional Law and Civil Law.

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